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A unique dining experience

Wild Boar • Goat • Alligator • Lamb • Pig • Wagyu Beef • Shrimp • Salmon • 

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How It Works

Choose Your Animal

Several choices of options for whole animal and large format dinners including farm-raised pig, wild boar and goat.

Sides Included

Animal service and large format meals come with the following four side dishes:  5 Cheese Mac, Romaine & Kale Salad, Seasonal Vegetables and Buttered Rolls

Make It A Party

Customize your whole animal service experience with appetizers, desserts, pre-batched punch cocktails and more.



Reach Out

Make it a Party

Add ons

  • Roasted Pig Head, served with fried rolls - $65
  • Char-Grilled Oysters - Parmesan Cheese, Herb Creole Butter, Brioche Crumbs - 12/tray for $48

Large Format Drinks

  • Punch Cocktails for the Table - yields 4-5 glasses
  • Porron - Famous throughout Spain & now at Frontier! Tilt the Porron wine pitcher and pour directly into your mouth. It takes some skill, but fun to see how well you and your friends master the technique


  • Customizable Cakes in various flavors and fillings - $6/person
  • Macarons (multiple flavors to choose from) - $30/dozen
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - $30/dozen

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