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A unique dining experience

Wild Boar • Goat • Alligator • Lamb • Pig • Short Rib • Salmon • Antelope • Wagyu Beef • Tomahawk Ribeye

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How It Works

Choose Your Animal

Several choices of options for whole animal and large format dinners including farm-raised pig, wild boar and goat.

Sides Included

Animal service and large format meals come with the following four side dishes:  5 Cheese Mac, Caesar Salad, Seasonal Vegetables and Buttered Rolls

Make It A Party

Customize your whole animal service experience with appetizers, desserts, cocktail pitchers and more.

Watch a video about the Whole Animal Experience

Going Whole Hog at Frontier



Reach Out

Make it a Party

Add ons ( 3 day pre-order for food)

  • Roasted Pig Head - $65
  • Char-Grilled Oysters - Parmesan Cheese, Herb Creole Butter, Brioche Crumbs - $48/doz
  • Cocktail pitchers - Options under menu -> cocktails & wine.

Desserts ( 5 day pre-order)

  • Customizable Cakes in various flavors and fillings - $6/person
  • Macarons (multiple flavors to choose from) - $36/dozen
  • Mini Cupcakes (various flavors) - $3/each (10 minimum)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - $30/dozen

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