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Wild Boar

Wild Boar

Naturally Raised Boar from Wild Farms in Texas

For centuries, wild boar was a delicacy reserved for the European aristocracy. The Spanish explorer Desoto brought the first boars to the new world in the 1500’s. Representative of the pioneering spirit, they were optimistic omnivores thriving in any condition and causing a bit of ruckus along the way.

Roaming wild on natural farms in Texas, our wild boars have the same tendencies as their ancestors, however the meats tends to be a little sweeter. After all, we rub them with brown sugar and season them with house made spices before they are slowly smoked. The result is a tasty lean meat that is an excellent alternative to beef or pork without having to sacrifice taste or quality.


Seasoned with brown sugar and house made spices; smoked and roasted whole over apple and cherry woods


5 cheese mac, Caesar salad, seasonal vegetables and buttered dinner rolls


5 days minimum


12 – 15 adults