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Wild Caught Alligator from Shreeveport, Louisiana

The rip-roaring nature of the frontier meant that a man’s worth was measured by his skill with a rifle and his ability to wrestle wild animals. A frontiersman saw his true test when he found himself in the river, facing the jaws of a riverman, half horse, half alligator.

Lucky for you, our smoked wild alligators are harvested in Louisiana where the locals embrace a wild west sensibility and live off the land. Before they’re smoked, they’re veiled in our house marinade and stuffed with whole chickens. The result is meat that tastes like chicken or pork with a significantly lower fat and cholesterol content.


Stuffed with whole chickens, smoked and roasted whole over apple and cherry woods


Shrimp and sausage jambalaya, 5 cheese mac, Caesar salad, seasonal vegetables and buttered rolls


7 days minimum


$95/person, 10 person minimum